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Facebook Personal Accounts vs Business Pages

Posted on 20 September 2012 by admin

With Facebook being the #1 social media network (955 million active users as of July 2012), it is easy to see why a business would want a Facebook profile.  Indeed, I am one of those people that strongly advocate Facebook as a business necessity.  But, setting up Facebook and using it for your business can be a challenge even for people that avidly use it on a personal level.  When you are ready to claim this awesome social media network as another communications channel for your company, you MUST create a business page NOT your personal account.  This is where much of the confusion comes in.  In fact, some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from business owners and entrepreneurs about Facebook are around the differentiation between personal accounts and business pages (also known as “fan pages” or “business accounts”). So, let’s take a look at some of those:

What are the differences between personal accounts and business accounts on Facebook?

Personal Facebook accounts

Personal accounts are intended for use by individuals to communicate with their friends, family, business associates, colleagues, classmates, and other people they know.  To connect with those people, you simply click the “add friend” button on their profile.  On your personal Facebook account, you can add pictures, likes, dislikes, and all sorts of personal information for the people connected with you to view.  You can also set up Facebook viewing and access restrictions from the settings menu on your personal Facebook account.  Your personal account will become searchable via the Facebook search function, but your privacy settings will determine who can view your content.

Business Facebook accounts

Business accounts are intended for use by businesses, celebrities, public figures, bands, and organizations.  A Facebook business account can be created by clicking on the “Create a page” link on Facebook’s home page at facebook.com.  Or, you can simply click “create a page” if you already have a personal account that you would like to use and connect to your business page.  Facebook has all sorts of marketing tools available for business pages including events, ads, discussion boards, etc. that help you connect with other Facebook users.  When a Facebook user “likes” your business page, that person will receive updates from your business page on their news feed.Create a business page on Facebook

With a business Facebook account you CANNOT:

  • view Facebook personal profiles
  • “add friends” or invite others to your account

Which type of Facebook account should I choose for my business – personal account or business account?

You should definitely use the proper channels that Facebook have established for businesses on Facebook.  There are two options you can choose:

  1. create a business Facebook account
  2. or add a business page to your personal Facebook account

Which option is best for your company will most likely depend on whether or not you already have a personal Facebook account established.  Either way, you must not use your personal Facebook account to solicit business and sales from other Facebook users.

Can I use my personal account to promote my business?

This is a place where you definitely want to play by the rules, and Facebook does not allow you to solicit your business or sell products using your personal account.  Need clarification?  This means no using your personal Facebook to post a sales pitch on other people’s walls.  However, there are ways that you can use your personal Facebook account to promote your business without breaking the rules.  Simply “like” your company’s page, “like” your company’s posts, and “share” your company’s posts which will automatically make your company profile updates post to your wall and to your friends news need.

Can I make a business page without creating a new business Facebook account?

Making a business page on your personal Facebook account is actually easy.  Simply click “Create a Page” on your sidebar menu or go to the Create A Page Facebook link, then select the type of page you want to create from these options:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Fill in the details, accept the terms and conditions, and click the “Get Started” button.

How do I link my personal Facebook account to my business account?

The easiest way to link your personal Facebook account and your business Facebook account (or page) is by creating your business account page while you are logged into your personal account.  But, if you already have two separate accounts (one for your business and one for personal), then you can log into your business account and assign your personal account as an administrator for the business page.  In fact, you can actually assign multiple administrators for your business Facebook page if you are working in collaboration with others.

Can Facebook users access my personal information if my personal account is linked with my business page?

No, not if you have your personal account privacy settings in place to block the general public.  Only the people you are friends with on your personal account will be able to see the information across both your personal Facebook profile and the business pages.

How can I get a personalized URL for my Facebook business page?

You are able to request a personalized URL for your Facebook business page once you have enough people “like” your page.  Currently, this option becomes available at 25 or more likes.

Where can I find out more information about the different types of Facebook accounts?

Please feel free to check out our Facebook tutorials or contact us with any questions you have about creating, maintaining, and updating Facebook accounts.

You can also visit the Facebook.com Help Center for information on all sorts of Facebook basics.

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