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PROJECT: Evaluate Stock Imagery Providers

Posted on 01 March 2013 by admin

Origin: During some recent client projects, we have determined the need for an in-depth evaluation of stock imagery providers, not only to determine who all the players are in this particular area of the market but to also evaluate the individual strengths and weaknesses of available the providers.  Many businesses have an on-going need for good quality stock imagery, and this is why I am declaring PROJECT: Evaluate Stock Imagery Providers as officially open.

Method: Each day Smart Service Strategies will evaluate at least one (1) stock imagery provider, create a blog entry with general details about the provider and results from niche searches, and create an accessible information sheet that includes:

  • Provider contact information
  • Pricing information
  • Imagery options
  • other significant details

Results:  Once we have exhausted our list of all possible stock imagery providers, Smart Service Strategies will post a project wrap-up and summary as well as several top lists including:

  • Top Royalty Free Imagery Providers
  • Top Rights-Managed Imagery Providers
  • Top Free Imagery Providers
  • Our Favorite Imagery Providers

We will also maintain a list of each of the providers we evaluate here on the project page along with links to the individual posts, so you can track our progress.



If you can not find the Stock Imagery provider you are interested on our listing above, then please contact us, and we will be happy to complete research for you on that particular provider.

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