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StockFreeImages – Stock Imagery Provider

Posted on 10 March 2013 by admin

StockFreeImages is a great free option for sourcing images to use for both personal and business uses.  This stock imagery site actually has hundreds of thousands of photos available at absolutely no cost.  Often times Royalty Free sites are mistakenly identified as free sites which is not a correct interpretation of the word “royalty free” (see this article for more information on royalty free images), but in the case of the StockFreeImages website, Royalty Free does translate to FREE to the end users.

The images at StockFreeImages can be used, modified, and edited to use on websites, advertisements, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, books, CD covers, computer applications, etc., and the rights you are given extend worldwide for an unlimited number of digital uses and products.  However, the license for printed use is 10,000 copies.  So, be smart on when and where you decide to use images from this site.

StockFreeImages screenshotQuick Details

Selection: Large
Quality: Medium
Pricing: Free (with credit & backlink)
File Formats: .jpg
Stock Image Type: RF

Contact Info

No contact information given except for an online form.


While the price at StockFreeImages is right for most frugal business owners, there is a catch.  When you use an image from StockFreeImages, you must provide author attribution and a link back to the site (when and where possible).  Depending on where you need photos and what your philosophy is for marketing, this catch may be simple to cope with and no problem to implement.  Plus, StockFreeImages does make it easy enough for you to include the appropriate credit where credit is due, by providing you with a cut and paste option with all of the pertinent details when you opt to download an image.  Here is an example of the notice:Stock Free Images credit warning and message

Another point worth mentioning is that you are not given options for file size and file format when you decide to download an image.  You are simply given one file, and most of the images are delivered in .jpg format.

My biggest problem with the StockFreeImages site is with the search result page.  Once you search for a keyword, you are presented with the search results page which as expected displays relevant photos.  The issue is that the very top line of the page lists photos and links to images found on Dreamstime (which is the parent company of StockFreeImages), and Dreamstime is a pay site.  So, basically if you do not pay close attention to where you are clicking or know how to discern the “Royalty Free Stock Images from Dreamstime” (pay site photos) from the “Free Images” (free site photos), then you can easily end up clicking on a link that will take you to a page where you must pay to download the photo you’ve selected.  Clearly they set the site up this way on purpose – to drive traffic and revenue to their pay site.  While I am not against driving traffic to your site or even the notion of making money by selling images, I am put off by unclear links that are obviously trying to trick the end users into visiting a site they are not actively engaging.

StockFreeImages is present on the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  They seem to post links to new images and libraries every week or so, but no real discussions or interactive content is shared by the website.  The accounts they maintain across these platforms are relatively active and up-to-date; however, the content does not vary from platform to platform.  In fact, the content is exactly the same.  So, don’t bother connecting with them across all platforms.  It’s just not necessary.

All in all, it is easy to sign up for a StockFreeImages account, and it is easy to source a variety of images through their offering.  For bloggers and businesses looking for a quick, cheap solution for imagery on digital media, it really doesn’t get any less expensive or easy than StockFreeImages.  Just be sure to give credit to the author and steer clear of those “trick” links lest you could end up paying for your free selection.

Our Search Testing Results:

Our search for business returned 48,081 results
The relevance of those results was extremely good with every option in the first 5 pages of results being what I would expect when searching for an image pertaining to the keyword “business”.

Our search for business woman returned 11,849 results
Again, the relevance of the results was extremely good all images on the first 5 pages being exactly what I would expect when searching for an image pertaining to the keyword “business woman”. Most of the results were a bit posed or unnatural instead of images of a business woman in action or within a particular environment.  Nevertheless, the results were on target and did show appropriate results.

Our search for meeting returned 3,230 results
The relevance of the results was very good with about 9 out of every 10 images being what I would expect when searching for a photo pertaining to the keyword “meeting”. The results had a good mix of meeting related images including groups of people in meetings, meeting rooms and facilities, and graphics used to represent meetings.

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