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While the Sony Pictures Stock Footage web site does allow you to browse and preview their collection of stock video footage, it does not enable you to purchase the video clips online. To make a purchase you must either select the clips you want and then fill out contact information so they will get back in touch with you or give one of their representatives a call. This basically makes the web site only useful for customers that have already purchased clips or for future customers that are doing research prior to making their purchases.

Even though the web site is not designed for online transactions, it is still fun to look through clips of high impact explosions filmed for movie franchises like Spider-Man, breathtaking vistas shot for acclaimed films such as Memoirs of a Geisha and Seven Years in Tibet, and highly usable establishing shots from productions filmed around the globe.

sony-pictures-stock-footageQuick Details

Selection: Large
Quality: High
Pricing: Medium – High
File Formats: multiple video formats
Stock Image Type: RM, RF

Contact Info

URL: https://www.sonypicturesstock

10202 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232
Toll Free: 866-275-6919
Phone: 310-244-3704

At the Sony Pictures Stock Footage web site, you can search by categories, keyword, rights managed or royalty free, and a number of other attributes. When I searched for specific topics, I was surprised at how many results were avaialble considering the results are all videos, not a combination of imagery types. Like most sites, the amount of matches were limited depending on how specific the search keywords were. For a search using the keyword “beach”, my search pulled up 3,187 matching results whereas a search using the keyword “kansas city” only pulled up 14 matching results.

There were no references to social media accounts that link to Sony Pictures Stock Footage on their web site, so I would assume that they do not have a presence in communities like facebook and Twitter.

Like some other high-end stock imagery providers, I believe that solutions from Sony Pictures Stock Footage are not options that every business would and could fit into their budget; however, Sony Pictures Stock Footage does offer outstanding video clips for those business that do need high-quality footage shot by professionals.

Our Search Testing Results:

Our search for business returned 922
The relevance of the results was average with about 5 out of every 10 videos matching what I would expect when searching for a video pertaining to the keyword “business”. Most of the results contained footage that included businesses and buildings in the background, but not actual footage inside or targeted on a business.

Our search for business woman returned 19
The relevance of the results was low with about 2 out of every 10 images being exactly what I would expect when searching for a video pertaining to the keyword “business woman”. Most of the results had a business woman walking by in the background or a portion of her body (like hands operating a cash register).

Our search for meeting returned 64
The relevance of the results was low with about 1 out of every 10 images were what I would want when searching for a photo pertaining to the keyword “meeting”. While the results did have people gathering in meeting-like scenarios, the majority of the meetings definitely did not have what I expected in terms of office/business types of meetings.

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